AND-EK GHES... the song

During the common work on the film AND-EK GHES… Colorado Velcu composes the music and writes the lyrics for a song about the love between two young people from Fata Luncii (Rumania) and their struggle for a common future in Berlin. „A real story like it happens to us, us Roma in Fata Luncii. Actually it's also inspired by my own life.“ (Colorado)
He plays the melody at home on a keyboard, his son Parica aka „Parry“ sings to it. With the camera they document their rehearsals.
We listen to the song together and decide: This is the title song of our film!
So we send Colorado's recording via e-mail to the Indian film composer Vivek Philip, who arranges the music in Goa and records it with Indian musicians.
The finished arrangement is sent back to Berlin, where we record the vocal track with Parry in the wave-line sound studio.
For the final track we shoot a music video and integrate it into the film AND-EK GHES...


AND-EK GHES… the Song
Vocals: Parry
Music and Text: Colorado Velcu
Sitar - Yograj Naik
Guitar - Elvis Lobo
Bass - Lew Hilt
Percussion - Vivek Philip
Arrangement & Keyboards - Vivek Philip
© Velcu / pong



MAKING OF... the music video