Colorado Velcu

No one determines his own descent
Berlin, January 2016

I think a film always has a message for very disparate people. Everyone will probably interpret or understand this message differently, that’s normal.

It was a great joy for me to work with pong Film. After more than a year full of ideas and snippets of film that Philip Scheffner, some members of my family and I had shot with several cameras and smartphones, the real work began: first, viewing all these little films again, editing them and finally putting all these countless pieces together. In this work, in the way precisely the right segments were chosen out of hundreds and how narrative threads were resolved with the least expected sentences in the film, pong Film demonstrated its great professionalism. At the beginning of the film, questions are posed that are truly satisfactorily answered at its end.

After the difficult work came the first gratifying experiences. The first was that we had made a film we could all be happy with. The second came when we learned that the film would be shown at the Berlinale, which is a great honour for me and made all of us, the whole team that worked on creating AND-EK GHES…, very proud.

I think the film achieved several aims. But the message I wanted to send appears and becomes concrete in the last part of the film: many people have the good or bad fortune to be born in certain parts of the world or to belong to certain ethnic groups; they have no power to decide these things; no one determines his own descent. That’s why many people need a chance in life before they can be judged and condemned by others. A chance that enables them to lead a normal life and, from the start, gives their children the possibilities they themselves didn’t have. Some people may find something useful in this message of the film. And the first impression or opinion many people have about other people could change.