Urmi Juvekar

AND-EK GHES… PBS 1 (Play Back Song 1) (English)
Mumbai, India, January 2016

Notes from an Indian scriptwriter (not Bollywood) turned choreographer to Philip Scheffner and Colorado Velcu on filming the song sequence for their film AND-EK GHES....

Love song Rule # 1: The couple must sing and preferably dance to the song in the middle of a bustling city ignoring people around them. Watching the couple dance in front of the city’s biggest and richest sites, the audience – in the throes of some neurological magic – will reach the conclusion that they too can enjoy those riches, if only they can find their one true love.

Love song Rule # 2: However, during the song the lovers must enjoy all the free pleasure spots offered by the city. This cuts out the impossibility of Rule # 1. Who, among the audience, can actually sing and dance in the middle of a city? But yes, it is possible to sing a song when you take a boat or carousal ride without being ridiculed. And yes of course the longing looks and furtive touches make it all the more exciting.

Remember to create as many beautiful and poetic codes, symbols, mythology of ‘love’ as the most desirable emotion. This will create a belief that love is more important than social justice, equality or anything else that people need to live decent lives. Keep people busy with love!